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"I have come to gather all the nations"

A new type of seminary for a New Evangelization

Our seminary is one of over one hundred Redemptoris Mater seminaries throughout the world. These seminaries are the result of the renewal proposed by the Second Vatican Council, which breathed a new missionary impulse into the entire Catholic Church, and of the Neocatechumenal Way, an itinerary of Christian formation in which all of us – seminarians and formators – participate in our parishes, and within which we have discovered our vocation. 

The Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Dar es Salaam was established in 2007 by Cardinal Polycarp Pengo, in the diocese of Dar es Salaam, of which he is archbishop. Since then, seminarians of different nationalities and cultures have been trained to be priests, and nine of them have already finished their formation and serve the local Church.



Michele Tronchin



Marek Saran


POPE JOHN PAUL II on his travels_edited.

St. John Paul II 
Ecclesia in Africa

«The Special Assembly also rightly pointed out that, in order to achieve an overall pastoral solidarity in Africa, it is necessary to promote the renewal of priestly formation. The words of the Second Vatican Council can never be pondered enough: "The spiritual gift which priests received at their Ordination prepares them not for any limited and narrow mission but for the widest scope of the universal mission 'even to the very ends of the earth' (Acts 1:8)”.

«That is why I have urged priests "to make themselves readily available to the Holy Spirit and the Bishop, to be sent to preach the Gospel beyond the borders of their own country. This will demand of them not only maturity in their vocation, but also an uncommon readiness to detach themselves from their own homeland, culture and family, and a special ability to adapt to other cultures, with understanding and respect for them” (n. 133).


Currently 18 youth are formed for the presbyterate in our Seminary, coming from 7 different nations. All of them have discovered their vocation within a neocatechumenal community, a process of Christian formation recognized by Saint John Paul II as "a path of Catholic formation, valid for the society and for today's times"

Ordained Priests

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